Senior workers are being actively recruited – here’s why


Senior workers are being actively recruited – here’s why

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Companies are breaking down barriers to employment to fill job roles


Thanks to a more flexible way of working, businesses all over the world are making use of talented older workers who would previously have counted themselves out of the running in today’s job market.

In certain parts of the world, where there are low reserves of jobseekers, or shortages of candidates with suitable skills, businesses are struggling to hire people at the rate they need to. This has led to companies looking outside the conventional workforce, and targeting demographics who work from home – including older citizens who may have retired, or have struggled to find jobs suitable for their needs. And now, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) employees aged 65 and over are the fastest-growing segment of the workforce.

In the US, despite precarious global economic times, the national unemployment rate has fallen to a 50-year low. This means there’s a scarcity of labour to fill new positions, so companies are getting creative and tapping into new talent pools. For example, computer company Dell is reportedly hiring war veterans looking to return to work in Austin, where its headquarters are based. The region’s low unemployment rate – less than 3% – means Dell is finding it more difficult to fill jobs, particularly technical ones. So the company is broadening its horizons by breaking down barriers to employment for certain groups of people.

This is positive news for a demographic of people who may no longer be able to take a job that involves commuting a great distance and maintaining a 9 to 5 lifestyle, but who have the experience, wisdom and transferable skills to retrain and take on remote work – topping up their pensions all the while.

A more flexible way of working leads to a more diverse workforce. For retirees or older people returning to work this way, hiring flexible office space or flexible workspace at a coworking hub could be the ideal solution. Rather than working from home – which can be isolating – flexspace offers high-quality office space, with staff on hand to help, in convenient locations that don’t require a lengthy commute and offer the social interaction professionals need for their wellbeing and satisfaction.

It’s amazing to note how the new way of working is opening up opportunities for talent to stay in the job market – and that companies are showing they recognise how important flexible working is for our global economy.


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